The amazing bottle of milk

Today I’d like to talk to you about a bottle of milk.

Let’s put a disclaimer first:

  1. This post is by no means an advertisement for any of the milk bottles I am going to talk about
  2. No one paid me anything to write about milk bottles, I am completely sane, just obsessed with the topic

Ok, getting this out of the way, let me tell you a short story.

I love milk (obviously), I’ve been drinking bottled milk all my life in all forms; cereal, on coffee, on hot chocolate, juts plain, full cream milk, half cream, skimmed, extra light, big bottles, small bottles, plastic bottles, cardboard bottles, from the milk man, pasteurized and packed, all kinds you can think of.

I always had two major issues with milk bottles of the cardboard kind which were everywhere in the past let’s say, 10 years, promoting “healthier” bottles, “easier opening” and longer life:

  1. After the amazing invention of the opening technique where you are asked to pull a small foil cover to open the bottle after undoing the cover,  whenever I pulled the foil paper part of it just gets ripped in my hand and I remain helpless with a closed bottle with no seal tip to open..

     I'll take a photo of an actual one I promise, was too excited to post :P

    Bottle seal

  2. If I manage to open the bottle (with a knife probably), comes the big challenge of actually pouring the milk into any container. It was almost impossible not to have the milk splash on you, the container, the counter and the floor, no matter how carefully you do it. 

You may think I am crazy, but I have shared this before with some people and we actually realized this was a common annoyance among a considerable group of people. 

Then, 8 months ago, on my first day at work I met her…

The perfect bottle.. the bottle that not only opens.. but also is designed NOT to splash..

Please meet, my dream bottle, Lamar:

My dream milk carton

She is designed to give you the perfect, smooth experience of opening and pouring milk, the experience you should not feel. The experience you have been looking for after all those milk bottles, all this lost splashed milk and all those frustrating moments of milk bottle seals ripped before the bottle is open.

This awesomeness is achieved by some design changes which make it unique:

  1. To avoid the seal problem: The bottle is unlocked the first time you open the external cover. There is NO seal!
  2. To avoid the splashing problem: The angle of inclination of the bottle’s top is much greater than ANY other bottle, providing much better control over pouring.

So, Lamar milk being my new best friend, regardless of its taste, I want to wrap this seemingly weird post about milk bottles by pointing out a couple of things. First off, this is good product design, and while User Experience (UX) is defined in most books to be concerned only with software and the Human Computer Interaction (HCI), product design and user experience design (UXD) are two faces of the same coin 🙂

I’ll leave it at that for today!


2 thoughts on “The amazing bottle of milk

  1. awadain says:

    You should have tried the new Juhauna Bottle too, it is available in the market for a long time now and i guess it solved the same problems.
    I knew from someone that they paid a lot to have this new design for the exact same reasons you mentioned.
    Happy World Usability day (after tomorrow), and very nice post 😉


  2. shaimaa says:

    so its today ur day huh! enjoy,i am just enjoying the way you both try to explain the usaiblity in a very everyday- routine way :)nice one:)


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