Little tweaks do matter!

Ok so I brought this blog back a week ago with a long long list of topics I want to speak about both on the work/professional front as well as on the personal front. However, as has happened before, after the first post I went blank. Don’t know what is it about really, how it has become quite harder to express oneself!

Anyway, over the past week, after the amazing bottle of milk post,  many more little “objects” from real life caught my attention, very little simple things that we often use but never think about, with some tweaks here and there they managed to put a smile on our faces. So, I dedicate this post to the designers and product managers of those simple little objects 🙂 Without further ado, here come the chosen few !

That ‘modified’ coffee stirrer:

So the other day we stopped by “On the Run” before work to grab some special morning coffee, paid, waited for the coffee, and stood at that high table where you put your covers, your sugar, and then all of a sudden Eman literally shrieked: “FINALLY! one that actually works!” , here goes: Maybe you’ve seen it before, maybe there are better ones, but at the end of the day it literally made our morning 🙂 Finally a “wider” stirring area meant actual stirring instead of that toothpick-like stirrer!

"THE" stirrer

This delivery paper bag which was finally used as intended:

So if you work in Egypt, practically anywhere except big corporates, you will be voluntarily or involuntarily dragged into the amazing world of delivery breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, drinks, whatever you may think of! Careful though, while it is fun all the way, trying new things, eating with colleagues and all, it won’t do good to your waistband 😀

Apart from the ehm, minor, health/weight hazards caused by delivery, and apart from the fun, there are so many drawbacks. If you are the poor guy who has to make the phone order,  or if you are the one  who got to deal with the delivery world of large combo orders with a million special details, different breads, different sauces, different add-ons, one with pickles, one without onions, and oh one with them all,  all delivered mixed up and with an impossible-to-decipher cheque, you’re going to like this one.

The other day we made an order from TBS bakery, each with a different bread, different sauce and different veggies, here is what we got:

2013-12-03 15.18.29

Mint and Tea, the awesome way :

So you like black tea with green or dried mint leaves, but you hate how the dried leaves keep floating up or the mint is not too strong and seeped into the tea?  Every time I go to a restaurant and ask for tea with mint after a meal Well, your answer is, just use the filter coffee machine to add both to one another, keep it hot, ensure that the sumptuous flavors of both are mixed and seeped together in the most amazing way!

Tea and Mint (Also named "ShayNa3" by the awesome Ek)

Tea and Mint (Also named “ShayNa3” by the awesome Ek)

and finally…

This amazing low fat yogurt:

A couple of mornings ago, I woke up with the “let’s focus on dieting and go eat whole bran low fat cereal” mood. Got out my cereal, my low fat yogurt, my bowl and got ready to dig in by scooping out the yogurt and then I found a surprise waiting for me; a nice hidden message on the inside of the yogurt cup 🙂 I found a couple of friends commenting about the same thing the very same day, what a great way to start the day!

Danon Low Fat Yoghurt (Photo courtesy of Nawarra Mehrem)

Danon Low Fat Yoghurt (Photo courtesy of Nawarra Mehrem)

So this rather short and funny post was just here to showcase some nice ways products are packaged, used or utilized just to give a better, nicer, smoother and more efficient user experience besides put a smile on your face 🙂

Stay tuned for more!


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