Dear Facebook, 10 things I hate about you.

Here goes, I say it out loud:


I use it, I need it, but I hate it.

It is a complex relationship indeed, a very complicated one. I will not go into a lot of details about the whole social networking experience and how it changed our lives (and our countries for that matter…). I just felt the need to express my anger towards Facebook in a short note. So, dear facebook, here are “10 things I hate about you” :

  1. I hate how I spend my mornings and my nights, those little precious reflection moments in the bus or in the local transport commuting from one place to the other, or in bed at night right before I sleep, in doing those usual thumb exercises scrolling through your endless newsfeed with endless depressing stories, photos of people and a tonne of useless crap in between.
  2. I hate how you profoundly transform me into someone whom this quote accurately describes

    “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” Eleanor Roosevelt

    Yes.. you make me, hopefully only at times, be exactly that small mind with all your photos, your comments and your news.

  3. I hate how you eat up my phone battery.
  4. I hate how your new annoying messenger is intruding, imposing and lurking everywhere invading my privacy on the phone. EVERYONE can see those faces of private messages popping up on my phone screen!
  5. I hate how you, instead of bringing people together, brought the worst out of them during times of controversy (just take a look at the comments under any political or controversial situation… just lovely..)
  6. I hate how you have become addictive and vindictive at times.. I hate how you waste my time at work when I am bored. If I leave you, I am always at risk of being lonely, not knowing who is up to what and missing out on the latest event invitations. What happened to the phone?
  7. I hate how you have persuaded and entire generation that it is totally ok to invite someone to your wedding, tell people bad news about a lost one, wish someone a happy birthday just by one click on a button or one line of a status. I thought the depth of human relations was far further than such meaningless zeros and ones passing in wires over the huge wide web.
  8. I hate how you tampered with everyone’s newsfeeds and instilled certain feelings in each of us without anyone paying attention.. you are doing that everyday in every way and we still find it ok to drift by!
  9. I hate how I am going to have to share this post on that very same facebook to make it go round and not go unnoticed!
  10. I hate how I hate you and at the same time I hate how you have become, invincible …

PS: As of yesterday, at an attempt to regain balance and attachment with self, I removed Facebook and its mesenger from my phone. So I can at least try to make more use of my nights and commute times.. in just relaxing!

PPS: Let us see how many times I will use Facebook over chromes on my phone then 🙂


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