Ok I’ve had this blog for almost 4 years now, stopped writing in 2011, but I think I am missing out on it so I guess I’m back.

This is the first time I write an “About” page for this blog, mainly because I think now I need one because I decided to revive the blog and kind of talk about so many different things at once; my mind which often rambles about stuff that I feel inclined to share (why? no idea, maybe just to get it out for some inner peace , I am not a writer 😀 ) , as well as stuff about my career (so it’s a technical blog? well NO, not in that sense at all..). Let me try to make sense and explain more..

I am an engineer, I am passionate about user experience (UXD, Usability, etc.. whatever that is ) , before you leave, if you have no idea what that is, it’s ok.. This, I repeat again, is NOT a technical blog. I just sometimes feel inclined to share stuff about this topic but from a totally non-technical perspective, rather from a real world product-design point of view.  I promise to dedicate a post to explain that and I promise you may be entertained 🙂  You will find all those kinds of posts under the “UX of Things”   category.

and if you are not into that part..

I am also, like I just mentioned, someone whose mind speaks to a lot.  You can find my old posts under the tab named “Old Posts 2010-2011”  , and the new ones will pop up on the “In my mind” section 🙂 .

Oh, another note, the blog previously was mostly in Arabic, I intend to write in Arabic a lot 🙂 however, as the nature of this blog is a mixture of everything, there will be both Arabic and English posts scattered everywhere, not depending on their category (sorry 🙂 Told you um not a writer I just write in whatever language my mind speaks at the point!).

Phew…. finally, an “about” page 😀


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